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Puradesi® – Flavour of India is an artisanal wellness tea brand based out at Darjeeling, India. We are a team of experienced botanists and tea experts who knows the plant and herbs by heart, Each Puradesi Chai has its own unique taste and flavor, before we represent any chai of our’s it goes through rigorous quality check by our tea experts then its hand blended by our in-house experts so we can ensure you a best quality tea experience all the time. This commitment of ensuring quality has been the priority since our inception.

At Puradesi® our Artisanal and wellness teas are hand crafted in small batches by our Botanist. We use farm grown herbs & spices, all natural strictly no to additives. All our teas are ORGANIC, ingredients are 100% natural and Packaging materials are eco-friendly & re- cyclable.

Wondering what’s “Puradesi®” stand for at– it’s a common term used in rural India’s day to day life to represent something grown natively without any mixing or any addictive it means “SUDH DESI” or “PURE INDIAN”. “PURA” is a Spanish word means Pure and “DESI” has derived from ancient Sanskrit word commonly used to indicate Indian roots – Our essence of bringing freshest tea from Garden to your cup are based on Purity with our India echoes & values. All of our packaging are sustainable, our shipping boxes are made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, meaning you can either reuse them or put them in the recycling bin.

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We are 100% local tea brand based out in Darjeeling region with a single motto of bringing freshest tea blended with farm grown natural herbs and spices, handcrafted by certified Botanist.

Our teas are organically harvested and are USDA certified

All our packaging are friendly and reusable.

wellness & signature blends are crafted by Botanist

Farm grown herbs & spices are used for master blend