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Artisanal Blend

Chamomile Green Tea

Organic & natural

One of our signature blend of most popular Darjeeling Green tea & Chamomile flower, well for anti-stress and relaxation.


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Ingredients - Dry Chemomile flower & Darjeeling organic Green Tea


  • USDA certified whole leaf green tea is blended with farm grown fresh chamomile flower.
  • Hand blended by our in house certified botanist to ensure a health cup with taste.
  • Caffeine free, gluten free 100% natural drink no artificial.

A hand-crafted whole leaf Darjeeling tea blended with fresh chamomile flower grown in high mountains, the soft floral flavor of chamomile is artistically mixed with fresh green leaves slightly sweet and soothing taste.


Raghav Kapoor

04:38:01 28-Jan-2021

very soothing in taste loved the flavor of chamomile and green tea.

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How to make perfect cup of Tea

CO2 Filtered Water

90-100 Degree C

2g (For 1 Cup)

2-3 min

Tea Experience

Yellow dry leaf of chamomile follower & shaded green dry leafs of green tea.

light yellow in green shade.

light yellow color sweet test of chamomile with green tea flavor.

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