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Herbs And Spice

Detox and relaxation

India’s rare Himalayan herbs and spices are club together to make an exotic brew cup, connect yourself to precious gift of Mother Nature.

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Ingredients - Tulsi dry leaf, cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger, clove, black paper, turmeric, no caffeine, grade a1 quality


  • Seven type Exotic herbs and spices are blended by our experts to make one drink all natural and with full of wellness.
  • Hand blended in small batches by our plan experts and certified botanist straight from Himalayas to your cup.
  • 100% natural drink no artificial additive.

Indian Himalayas are known for its exotic herbs and spices most of them are rare to find in any part of the world, Puradesi brings you an artistically crafted should soothing herbal and spice drink for your well-being.


Samir Biswas

23:35:07 13-Jan-2021

Very good product

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How to make perfect cup of Tea

CO2 Filtered Water

90-100 Degree C

2g (For 1 Cup)

2-3 min

Tea Experience

Brawny dry tulsi leaf along with colorful herbs and spice shades

Sweet flavor of Holy basil (Tulsi) & exotic spices in yellow color.

greenish brown with actual color of herbs & spices.

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